About Us

With 20+ years of experience and many happy customers, we pride ourselves in being a First Class, bespoke, friendly IT company based in Cheshire, UK. Established in 1999 as a restaurant guide, over the years we have built hundreds of websites for restaurants and soon began working with many other sectors, and designs with varying complexity. This lead us to expand our knowledge in the tech space and start building a number of useful tools for our customers.

In 2022 we released our 'Cloud' platform and became a domain name registrar with the goal of providing people a cheap way of getting online by selling the domains at cost price. Within our 'Cloud' platform we also launched self-managed website hosting which allowed us to offer a cheaper alternative to our hosting infrastructure and a 'DIY' approach.

Onionring are more than just another IT company, as a dependable, high-quality provider, we specialise in bespoke digital solutions with the latest knowledge, expertise, tools and resources. Our relentless focus on our clients deliver results that exceed expectations.

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