Acceptable Use Policy


1.1 We reserve the right to terminate or suspend Client's Onionring Services, if it is deemed (at Onionring's discretion) that the Client has utilised the Services in an inappropriate manner. We also reserve the right to refuse Services to anyone.

1.2 Our web hosting plans are for legitimate website use only and must not be used for large file storage, download mirrors or for backup storage space. All backups stored on hosting accounts except Installatron backups will be removed automatically after 1 day. Any Client found to be using Onionring Services for these purposes may have their account suspended or terminated without refund.

1.3 You must not use Our email Services to send unauthorised (non double opt-in, with clear unsubscribe options) marketing material, also known as unsolicited (SPAM) email messages. This also applies to any email accounts Client provides to colleagues under the same Service.

1.3.1 The spoofing of email headers or any other information related to the email message is not permitted on Our Services.

1.3.2 Use of the IMAP account as a "virtual drive", i.e. to store files as attachments or in any other manner, is strictly prohibited. IMAP accounts may be used for no purpose other than in the context of normal email traffic.

1.3.3 Email services must not be used for bulk email distribution or newsletter distribution unless by prior written agreement.

1.4 A temporary URL is given to each Client upon account creation. This URL is allowed to be used for up to 2 weeks after account creation. Any attempt to use this URL (either by the Client or a third party) after this period will be a breach of these Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy. Onionring reserve the right to take any action they see fit to prevent this including, but not limited to, account suspension/termination.

1.5 Client agrees not to distribute Malware or Spyware via their hosting / email Services. This includes (but is not limited to) viruses, trojans, backdoor / rootkits and illegal dialers. Any Client found to be distributing such content may receive an account termination.

1.6 Port Scanning external networks is strictly prohibited and any Client found to be doing this from their Onionring Service may be served with a warning and/or account suspension. The account / Service owner is responsible for all activity, regardless of who undertakes it.

1.7 Server security is the sole responsibility of the owner of the server, unless Client has a managed Service in which Onionring provide security updates, and in the case of shared/reseller/email Clients where servers are maintained by Onionring Limited.

1.8 IRC Services are strictly prohibited on Our network. This includes IRC Servers, bots, proxies (bouncers).

1.9 Should resource usage by a client account be deemed excessive at Onionring's discretion We may limit various parameters to limit this usage as an alternative to account suspension, though this may still occur if the issue cannot be controlled via these means. This includes but is not limited to the number of email server connections, number of FTP connections, number of emails sent per hour and bandwidth / disk space consumption rates. We may route traffic via a content delivery network if this is deemed appropriate by us to keep the website online as an alternative to suspension.

1.10 The use of proxying scripts or services on Onionring's servers is strictly prohibited.

1.11 Any redirection scripts must not redirect to content that breaches this Acceptable Use Policy whether this content is hosted externally to Our Service or not, this would be deemed a breach of this policy.

1.12 FTP access is not intended for automated file uploads e.g. cctv image storage - these would be treated as abusive if the amount of connections is deemed excessive beyond regular use of a web hosting account.

1.13 Streaming content is not authorised to be served from our network, this includes but is not limited to video streaming and audio streaming. This content should be hosted via a suitable streaming service and can be embedded into the website. Any content must be compliant with copyright laws.

1.14 All forms of cryptocurrrency mining and derivatives are strictly prohibited on Our Service and will result in immediate account termination without refund.


2.1 These content guidelines apply to all Services provided by Onionring. All data and content hosted on Our infrastructure must comply with UK laws and legislations.

2.2 Material must not:

2.2.1 be defamatory of any person
2.2.2 be obscene or inflammatory
2.2.3 incite violence or hatred
2.2.4 threaten or abuse any person
2.2.5 invade personal privacy
2.2.6 misrepresent Your identity or affiliation with any person or entity
2.2.7 infringe upon any copyright or trademark
2.2.8 advocate or support any illegal activity


3.1 Any breach of this acceptable use policy will be determined by Onionring. If Onionring determine that a breach of this policy has occurred We may take appropriate action in the form of a warning or if necessary steps including account suspension or termination. Any breach of this acceptable use policy constitutes a material breach of Your Agreement with Onionring upon which Your Service use is based, and may result in Onionring taking any or all of the following actions:

3.1.1 Serving You a warning in relation to the breach
3.1.2 Revocation of Your right to use Onionring Services
3.1.3 Invoicing You for Our staff time spent on administration and reparation associated with this breach
3.1.4 Issuing legal proceedings against You for reimbursement of all costs associated with this breach
3.1.5 Disclosure upon request from law enforcement authorities of any details associated with this breach as We feel is necessary

3.2 We accept no liability for actions taken in response to any breach of Our acceptable use policy, the actions We may take are not limited to those described here and We may take any action We deem appropriate.


4.1 Services provisioned by Onionring are provided to be used in a lawful manner only and the distribution or storage of data in violation of UK laws and legislations is strictly prohibited.

4.2 Onionring reserve the right to remove any data from its servers if it is found to be breaking laws and legislations. We will also, where appropriate, pass Client information to the relevant law enforcement agencies should Client be found to be breaking UK laws.

4.3 To provide a fair service to all of Our Clients, accounts have their resource usage monitored on a regular basis to ensure that no one account will effect the day to day performance of the server. If a Client's account is found to be using resources deemed excessive, then Onionring may send a warning email to the account holder, requesting that action is taken to lower their resource usage (Onionring may also provide suggestions as to how this can be achieved at their discretion). If the Client does not reduce their resource usage Onionring reserve the right to suspend the account using excessive resources. Under circumstances (such as DDoS attacks) where a Client's account is causing an adverse effect on performance for other Clients, We will take any action that We deem necessary to restore a good level of service, including but not limited to suspending an account or accounts reasonably suspected of causing this issue without prior warning.


5.1 We are happy to discuss any queries You may have regarding Our acceptable use policy, You can contact Onionring via the support helpdesk, details for this can be found in the Support section of the Onionring website.